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This is our list of prices and ranges. We hope this helps answer your questions. Prices may vary.

Crochet Pre-Braided or Pre-Twisted Styles

Machine braided/twisted synthetic hair is interwoven, by hand using a crochet hook, into your natural hair that is braided into beehive cornrows or desired braid pattern Starting at $150+ Hair Not Included.

Box Braids - Regular-Medium

Kids box braids under 12

Regular Medium sized box braids

Twists Starter Locks

Two strands twist with no added hair that’s either braided or twisted down from the scalp to a desired length with straight or curly ends. Palm roll, comb, or finger coil for locs. Starting at $185+ Hair Not Included Two Strand Twist, Havana Twist, Kinky Twist, Marley Twist, etc.

Two strands twist with hair added.

Crochet Individuals/Singles

Synthetic or human loose bulk/braiding hair known as Boho Locs is interwoven, by hand using a crochet hook, into your natural hair that is braided into cornrows, and then hand braided or twisted. Starting at $285+ Hair Not Included.


Under 10 minutes

Extended Time Needed

Braid Style/Twist Style

4 hours – Regular
3 strands single braids 2 strands single twists starting down from the scalp to the ends of your hair.

5 hours – Invisible Twists/Locs

Wash/Conditioner with Add On

Regular Wash / Conditioner

Apple Cider Treatment (Detox)

Steam Treatment with oil

Plant Aloe Moisture Treatment

Bohemian Box Braids


Mid-Back/Bra-strap (Medium)

Lower Back / Butt (Long)

Jumbo Box Braids

3 strands of single braids using synthetic hair.

Loc Maintenance

Re-Twisting new hair growth only please Add On Wash! No style included.

Loc Maintenance with Style


Detailed Style

Re-Twisting new hair growth please Add On Wash!

Wash & Braid Down Under Wig


Mini Starter Twisted Locs

Please note time may be longer due to the length of hair.

Tribal Box Braids

Regular Medium

Small/Detailed Design

Take Out My Braids Or Twists!

1 Hour: Regular with wash.

2.5 Hours: wash & condition with scalp relaxation.

3 Hours: wash, condition, scalp relaxation, and simple style.

Interlocking Maintenance


Braiding Classes Only (Tuesday/Thursday)

3 Hours: Group Class

3 Hours: One-on-One Instruction

5 Hours: One-on-One Instruction

Quick Styling Session


Natural Hair Service

Natural Hair Kids under 12 Pricing

Natural Adult Hair

Natural / Long Hair

These services start at 2 hours.

Twists, Single Braids, or Cornrows using natural hair only:
Starting at $85+
Child $65+

Knotless Box Braids

Kids Under 12

Adult Medium/Regular Box Braid

Adult Small/Box Braid

Base price for medium size boxes plus the cost of hair (Add an additional $25 to $50).

Braided Style/Ponytail

Simple Braids


Detailed Ponytail

Detailed Ponytail

Feed-In Corn Rows

3 strand braids using synthetic hair is braided close to the scalp in rows, into a multi-directional design, or a combination of cornrows and individual braids.4-6 Braids Starting at $85+ child $65+ Hair Not Included.

Crochet Loose Bulk or Braiding Hair



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